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Conceived in the city of Treviso in the region of Veneto and deeply rooted in the land responsible for its inspiration, Rudy Project quickly became an international reality. As a leader in sports eyewear, it now produces and distributes sport sunglasses, prescription glasses, helmets, goggles and other sport accessories of the highest technical quality. Rudy Project designer products are made especially for the sports world and as everyone knows: sports have strict rules, and mistakes are not allowed. Only by focusing on the quality and versatility of the product, and only by paying heed to the needs of athletes from different disciplines, you can create original technical solutions that are truly adapted to meet their needs.



A sports eyewear leader for 30 years, Rudy Project is leading a race that knows no limits: the continuous pursuit of excellence in its materials, design and performance. Rudy Project is an established brand above all because of its performance sunglasses, RX solutions, as well as goggles and helmets of the highest technical level. It is a company that knows sports extremely well, and listens to the needs of its players in order to ensure winning solutions. Since 1985, Rudy Project has been a worldwide leading company for products made in Italy, and with a new generation of leadership in the form of founder Rudy Barbazza’s own two sons, Cristiano and Simone, that success is sure to continue.


“We represent the top range of sporting eyewear , fully designed and  manufactured in Italy,” says Cristiano Barbazza, Chairman and CEO of the company. “To satisfy the needs of our athletes, we offer high-performance products which are highly customizable, such as our award-winning prescription solutions for athletes who need vision correction. Our customer base, which we manage to reach all over the world through optical and sports distribution channels, is often represented by very specific niche markets who recognize the value of our products.”


Established with the aim of improving the performance levels of athletes around the world, Rudy Project gained great success as a result of its constant investments in the development of new materials and technologies for lenses and frames. By making superior quality in each product part of its core ideology, the brand has experienced rapid growth and adoption by pros in every field.


Love for progress, passion for style and attention to quality have given rise to an exclusive collection of technologically advanced sports accessories. “Technically Cool” is an elegant but powerful slogan that best expresses the DNA of every Rudy Project creation. Used by more than ten thousand professional athletes in all sports, all over the world, it is no coincidence that Rudy Project has taken away countless awards and prestigious titles, such as “Best Aero Helmet” from “Triathlete Magazine”, “Timeless & Breakthrough Design” awards from “Men’s Journal”, two times “Gear of the Year” from “Outside Magazine”, and “Most Worn Helmet of the IRONMAN® World Championships” in Kona, Hawaii, for the last four consecutive years.


“Many internationally-renowned champions choose Rudy Project to help them win,” says Simone Barbazza, Rudy Project Marketing Director. “From champions in the triathlon world such as Andy Potts, to golfer Edoardo Molinari and the most famous cyclists and teams, not to mention motorcycle stars like Cyril Despres, Bradley Smith,  Alexis Espargaro, Scott Redding,  Jenson Button, and many others. In terms of quality, we do not compromise,  we can satisfy the most demanding sports stars”.


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